Jenelle Evans Says She’s Too Busy With THIS To Gain Back Custody Of Her Son!

Jenelle Evans says getting back custody of her first-born son isn't 'priority number one' right now.

Jenelle Evans loves her son Jace.

But, she says she’s not at a place in her life right now where she can take back custody of her five-year-old from her mom Barbara.

A few years ago, the Teen Mom 2 cast member gave up Jace so he could be raised by her mother, mostly because she had experienced some trouble with the law.

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The MTV star struggled with even more police problems recently, and is trying to get herself back on track.

But she’s revealed she’s not quite there yet, saying:

“We’re trying to work together, me and my mom, to try to come up with a solution. We’ve been on good terms lately and especially because she sees that I’m just trying to get myself prepared for my future. And she sees that’s the most important thing to me right now, and I think she appreciates that a lot.”

So, the 23-year-old admitted she’s not actively pursuing custody back at the moment, explaining:

“I’m so busy with school and my externship. I’m trying to tell my mom, my lawyer, and everyone, I’m like, ├óΓé¼╦£Look, I know Jace is important right now, but, you know, my graduation is coming up in July.’ So I mean, that is just, it’s the no. 1 priority right now.”

Ouch! Poor Jace.

So we’re assuming getting custody of Kaiser‘s big brother is priority numero dos, then? Maybe she’ll work on it after she graduates?

The momma of two dishes on her post-grad plans and how she hopes to work at a doctor’s office:

“I was like, I want to do part-time because I’m so busy with Kaiser during the week and I want to spend time with him. And then on the weekends I have Jace, so I’ll never have a break from anything. So I really just want to take that time to just spend time with Kaiser.”

Oooooookay. Priority three. Jace has to be priority three. We would hope, anyway.

Well, at least she was there for her first-born when he graduated kindergarten!

That totally counts! Besides, as long as he is living in a safe, nurturing environment where he’s loved, that’s all that matters right?

[Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram.]

Jul 2, 2015 5:50pm PDT

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