Paris Hilton’s Plane Crash Hoax Wasn’t The Only HIGHlarious Prank Trending! Here Are Your Top 10 Vines Of The Week!

paris hilton laughing

It’s been a rough week for Paris Hilton — maybe.

That all depends on whether or not you believe the celebutante wasn’t actually involved in the airplane crash prank from the get-go. LOLz!

Regardless, it’s the weekend and what better way to spend your lax hours than perusing through the best six second vids we’ve compiled together!

What else have you got going on??

In honor of the Simple Life star’s viral hoax — we’ve collected the top 10 prankster Vines of this week (below).

10. In case you do get pranked be sure to responded with humor. Remember they aren’t laughing at you if you make them laugh with you!

9. Oh no! Though this NSFW vid is HIGHlarious — this guy’s grandma could’ve had a heart attack. Prank with caution kids!

8. Bored?! Put headphones on and belt at the top of your lungs in a public space. #Classic

7. Warning: Do NOT try this at home.

6. Look out for warning signs — No. 1 would be that someone is filming you!

5. Angry at your boo?! Here’s a subtle way to get back at them. LOVES it!

4. Do you really want to traumatize the children of your neighborhood? We have the perfect thing.

3. If you scare easily, find your perfect hiding spot!

2. Pranks can be simple. Take a tip from this clip!

1. Or go above and beyond and hack into a video game. Well played sir!

Jul 4, 2015 11:30am PDT

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