Donald Trump Says His Followers Are Cutting Up Their Macy’s Credit Cards!

Donald Trump says his supporters are sticking it to the retail giant!

Donald Trump is trying reeeeeeeally hard to make it seem like he’s not affected by any of the businesses that are bailing on him after his controversial comments.

On Monday, the presidential hopeful called out Macy‘s — who has stopped selling his merchandise — on Twitter, saying that his fans are more loyal to him than they are to the department store chain.

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Mr. Trump tweeted out that his supporters are taking scissors to their Macy’s credit cards, saying:

We’re sure the Donald is chalking this up as a victory on his end, but the retail giant isn’t the only one to pull the plug on a partnership with the mogul.

NBC has also ended its business relationship with the 69-year-old, and will not air Miss USA or Miss Universe.

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[Image via Michael Carpenter/WENN.]

Jul 6, 2015 11:00pm PDT

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