Five Burning Questions We NEED Answered When The Minions Movie Comes Out!

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The Minions movie hits theaters this weekend, and we can’t wait to find out the origin story of these adorable yellow creatures!

Ever since their debut in the 2010 animated film Despicable Me, Gru’s minions have won the hearts of audiences with their childlike innocence and incoherent one liners!

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But the foreign creatures, while adorable, raise a TON of questions! Which is why we hope the upcoming Minions movie provides some biological information about the perplexing species. After all, it’s the right of the people to know…

1.) Where did the minions come from?

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While we know the minions have been on earth long before we have, it’s still unknown where they came before that. The most common theory is that they were engineered by an alien race and disposed of because they got into too many intergalactic minion-esque shenanigans. Or they could have also evolved from some sort of prehistoric, goggle-wearing frog!

2.) How do the minions reproduce?

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We haven’t seen a baby minion so far, so it’s unclear if the minion population produces offspring. While it’s confirmed that the minions DO have an individual gender identity, we’re unsure if they have any reproductive organs under those overalls. They could very well reproduce asexually through mitosis, just like a fungus!

3.) What’s the average lifespan of a minion?

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The whole point of reproduction is so the species continues to expand when the eldest die off. How fast is the minion aging process? All of the minions seem to be the same age, which supports the theory that they are immortal. Or just use really great moisturizer!

4.) Why do they all have to wear goggles?

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Even in the prehistoric days of the minions, they are always seen wearing protective eyewear. Is this the result of a gene mutation that affected the entire species, or simply just a fashion statement?

5.) Do the minions have free will?

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Sure, they can make simple choices like what to have for breakfast (hint: bananas) but since the colony needs a leader to give them orders, we can theorize that the species does not have free will. Is there a line the minions won’t cross? If Gru ordered the minions to battle each other to the death, would they oblige?

Hopefully, these important questions are answered in the Minions movie, in theaters July 10!

Jul 6, 2015 6:50pm PDT

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