Sex On The Beach Landed This Guy 2.5 Years In Prison! See What He Did To Get Sent To The Slammer!

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Well he’s not exactly innocent…

Jose Caballero apparently isn’t afraid of getting sand in all the worst places! In May, Caballero along with Elissa Alvarez were convicted of two counts of lewd and lascivious behavior for having sex on a local beach in Manatee County, Florida!

This would be one thing, but the couple were apparently also videotaped playing ‘find the clamshell‘ in the middle of the day last summer!

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As crazy as that might be, it was actually awful as not only was there a person there to film the event, but witnesses also testified that a 3-year-old-girl saw them as well!

There also were several testimonies from witnesses and jurors saw a video of Caballero and Alvarez moving about in a sexual manner.

But don’t worry, Caballero brought his “A game” defense when he claimed that he wasn’t having sex with Alvarez and the multiple witnesses were mistaken — LOLz! Apparently the decision was easy as the jury came to a verdict after only 15 minutes!

Though 2.5 years seems like quite a bit of time, even for this lewd act, the prosecutors were a little tougher on Caballero because had legal trouble in the past and served eight years for cocaine trafficking. Though Jose plans to appeal this case and Alvarez — who recently was sentenced to time served — filed an appeal in June, both still have to register as sex offenders.

We recommend you keeping your ‘Sex On The Beach’ at a bar where it belongs and helping actual beaches be slightly less trashy!

[Image via NBC.]

Jul 7, 2015 12:10pm PDT

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