Watch YouTuber Shane Dawson Come Out As Bisexual In This Emotional Video!

See Shane Dawson open up about his sexuality!

So inspiring!

Opening up about your sexuality is such an emotional and difficult thing to do, so Shane Dawson did it where he feels most comfortable: on YouTube.

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On Tuesday, the viral video maker uploaded himself making a courageous confession about his sexual preference, and bravely shared with his 6.7 million subscribers that he’s bisexual!

Shane is known for doing comedies, parodies, and sketches on his channel, but in this touching vid he showed his serious side and talked about how confusing it has been for him to be attracted to more than one gender.

During the 14-minute admission, he shed some tears about how much he’s struggled with his identity because of his bisexuality.

But, he says a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders now:

“I feel so f*cking good because I feel like I’ve been hiding for so f*cking long. So, I love you guys.”

See the entire tear-jerking video (below)!

Even though Shane revealed he didn’t want to make this video, we’re really glad he did!

We’re so proud of him for being brave enough to open up and share his feelings with the world, and we hope he’s happier now that he doesn’t have to hide who he is anymore!

[Image via Shane Dawson/YouTube.]

Jul 7, 2015 7:54pm PST

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