Tyga Reportedly Sent D*ck Pics To Transgender Model — But His Lawyer Is Firing Back!

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What the what?!

Tyga may have another little scandal going on — and it’s probably not what he wants to deal with right now.

According to reports, the rapper has been hooking up with transgender model Mia Isabella, who has appeared on Sons Of Anarchy and works as an actress.

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Mia revealed scores of text messages on Tuesday, indicating the affair had been going on for some time — allegedly all the way back to Tyga’s time with his ex, Blac Chyna.

The model also provides pictures of his, um, anatomy…

Except Tyga’s lawyer, Lee Hutton, believes the relationship between his client and Mia were fabricated as part of a conspiracy.

Actually, Lee believes someone used these genuine pics in order to spread malicious rumors. He shared:

“The allegations are false and socially irresponsible during a time when many Americans are celebrating equality.”

If the report is in fact fake, this is horrible! Sheesh.

Either way though, we imagine Mia will be hearing from his lawyer!

And we can only wonder what Kylie Jenner thinks about this, especially considering the scandal she already had to navigate between Tyga and Blac Chyna.

What do U think???

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Jul 7, 2015 4:16pm PST

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