Disney Is Making A Live Action Prince Charming Movie! And We Have The Perfect Casting For Their Funny New Take!

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Disney is all about their live action these days!

First Maleficent and Cinderella, then they announce a star-studded Beauty & The Beast movie. Now they’re taking a look from a brand new perspective: a man’s!

It’s being called the Prince Charming live action movie, which is an interesting idea in itself.

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But we hear Matt Fogel‘s script is actually a Shrek-like revisionist fairy tale that focuses on Prince Charming’s lovable loser brother!

Just imagine what life must be like for the guy who has to compete with Mr. Perfect all the time, juggling all those princesses.

Sounds like a fun take to us. Especially if the brothers are perfectly cast! We have some suggestions of Princely pairs we think would fit the glass slipper:

Dan Fogler and Kit Harington

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Dan was amazing in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee on Broadway. Since then he’s been the most charming thing in movies like Fanboys and Balls of Fury.

Game of Thrones‘ Kit seems to be Prince Charming in real life already. Plus, he’s already shown his comic prowess in 7 Days In Hell and in that HIGHlarious Jon Snow sketch on Seth Meyers.

Bonus? They have the same glorious hair!

Kenan Thompson and Anthony Mackie

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Kenan has been making us laugh for over a decade on Saturday Night Live, but he’s never really broken out into movies like so many of his costars.

We’d love to see him as the brother of the irresistible Mackie.

Clark Duke and Zac Efron

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OK, we know, we loooove Zac Efron. But come on! This is Prince freakin’ Charming we’re talking about! Who could play that better??

Clark is an actor we’re loving as the nerdy-but-cute sidekick in The Office and Hot Tub Time Machine. See the family resemblance?

Who would YOU like to see as Prince Charming… and his less charming bro?

[Image via Disney/PNP/Daniel Deme/revolutionpix/Alberto Reyes/FayesVision/Brian To/WENN.]

Jul 8, 2015 1:18pm PDT

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