Joe Manganiello Practiced His Sexiest Magic Mike XXL Moves On Sofia Vergara! Find Out About The Mess They Made HERE!

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We knew Sofia Vergara was a lucky lady, but dayyyum!

Not only does she get to marry Joe Manganiello — she also gets to hook up with Big Dick Richie!

Joe revealed in some recent interviews that he tried out some of his best Magic Mike XXL scenes at home!

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At a cast Q&A, Joe was asked if he practiced his big scene — in which he must dance alone for two minutes — in front of the mirror.

He replied:

“No, not the mirror… I practiced for my fiancee.”


Now that’s getting feedback from someone who knows sexy!

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If you haven’t seen the flick yet (what is WRONG WITH YOU?? LOLz!) the scene in question involves Richie trying to entertain with an impromptu dance in a convenience store.

So how do you practice that at home? He explained:

“You go into the pantry and find whatever snacks are in there, go into the refrigerator and grab the first beverage that catches your eye and go from there.”

Sounds like he made quite a mess… like audiences during that scene, are we right?? LOLz!

Jul 8, 2015 3:46pm PDT

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