Latina Miss USA Contestants Still Competing Despite Donald Trumps Effed Up Comments! Find Out What They Think About All The Drama!

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Ever since Donald Trump made his inflammatory and straight up hateful comments about those in the Latino community, people have been wondering if any Miss USA contestants would withdraw from the competition.

Well, three women in particular think that sticking with the competition is the best way to stick it to the businessman.

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Miss California Natasha Alexis Martinez recently revealed that while the comments were “extremely hurtful,” she still won’t be backing down:

“Not once did I think of backing out of the competition. I don’t see a better way of representing the Latina community than by standing up, staring them in the face and proving them wrong: this is my story, this is what I’ve been able to do, these are my successes, these are my failures.”

As for Puerto Rican contestant Miss Louisiana Candice Marie Bennatt, it was the “rapist” comment that upset her the most:

“I’m not for that comment at all. But I don’t believe that dictates why I should or should not be here. I want to continue to represent the Latina culture in a positive light, and just show what I’ve done for the state of Louisiana.”

And Miss New York Thatiana Diaz, who is Dominican, shockingly was in agreement with some of Trump’s statements, and will also stay in the competition. She explained:

“I do agree that we need more border protection, but I don’t agree with the name-calling and generalization of the Latino community.”

Though the show was dropped from all major networks, it will still be televised in some places that get the Reelz channel on July 12th.

[Image via Miss USA.]

Jul 8, 2015 10:44am PDT

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