UFC Star’s Husband Arrested For Attempted Murder After Brutal Attack On Her — Get The Scary Details Here

ring girl husband arrested for attempted murder

Oh no!

On Wednesday, it was reported that UFC Octagon girl Brittney Palmer‘s husband Aaron Zalewski was arrested for attempted murder after a massive fight back in June.

Reportedly, the couple got into a heated argument in their Los Angeles home after Aaron overheard a casting agent call her “babe” over the phone.

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The Los Angeles Police Department reports that things escalated between the two when they wrestled over the brunette beauty’s cellphone. Apparently, she was filming the fight and during the struggle the ring girl hit her head on the bed post. Yikes!

It’s said that her husband yelled:

“Pack your f**king bags and go!”

However, Palmer’s husband reportedly did not let her leave after the altercation — rather he allegedly threw her down, pinned her face against the mattress, and placed his knees on her back.

So scary!

Brittney claims that she struggled to breathe for two minutes while being held down.

In an odd twist, it was noted by Brittney that during the fight her husband scratched his own arms and yelled:

“Why are you making me do this? I just wanted you to love me.”


The UFC celebrity eventually escaped her home and called the police. It’s said Aaron was charged for attempted murder, spousal battery, and criminal threats.

Nonetheless, the finance expert was reportedly released the next day on bail for $1 million. The Los Angeles County District Attorney now has the case.

Our thoughts are with Brittney during this trying time. We’ll be interested to see how this all eventually plays out in court.

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Jul 8, 2015 9:12am PDT

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