Ariana Grande’s Donut Drama Continues! Did Her Urge To Lick Get The Donut Shop In Hot Water?!

ariana grande donut drama continues

Will Ariana Grande ever Break Free from her donut drama?!

Probably not — as the doughnut shop that released the video of the starlet saying anti-American statements and secretly licking on sweet treats has been docked by the health department.

Oh no!

On Wednesday, Wolfee Donuts‘ owner Joe Marin shared that he was penalized for the wacky video that circulated of the pop star.

Reportedly, the H.D. received a call from someone who complained about the donuts in the video being left on the counter. Yikes!

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He stated:

“I got a ‘B’ today. I’ve been open for six years since 2009, and it’s always been an ‘A.’ “

Whomp, whomp.

In fact, the docked grade was issued only one day after the fourth of July vid was released.

Hmm — hell hath no fury like an Ariana scorned?! WE KID!

Though he doesn’t outwardly blamed the One Last Time singer — the store owner does seem frustrated that he lost his perfect record as a result of revealing the former Nickelodeon star’s odd antics.

Grande has since apologized for her anti-American sentiments but she’s yet to address her urge to lick the pastries.

Regardless, it’s said that the shop has a week to gain back their A level status by fixing only a few minor infractions. Well that’s good to hear!

Fingers crossed!

[Image via JLN Photography/WENN.]

Jul 9, 2015 7:47am PDT

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