Rob Lowe SLAMS Ariana Grande’s ‘Lame’ Apology For Her ‘I Hate America’ Scandal!

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This may be the strangest celeb feud of the year.

On Wednesday night, Rob Lowe took to Twitter to SLAM Ariana Grande for what he believed to be a “lame” apology regarding her now infamous “I hate America” comments.

While the singer claims the gaffe was just bad wording, Rob is calling bullsh*t!

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Though the pairing of the feud is inneresting, we’re not surprised that the actor spoke out — he’s VERY active on social media. You can always count on Mr. Lowe to say LITERALLY eveyrthing that’s on his mind!

Check out the 51-year-old’s tweets (below)!

Ha, RL even threw in a Dixie Chicks reference!

For y’all who don’t remember, in 2003 the band received a lot of heat for criticizing George W. Bush‘s Iraq war.

However, it’s important to note that the group never said they hated America!

Hmm, we’re not sure we’d compare donutgate to one of the most controversial wars of recent memory, but hey!

So, do YOU agree with Rob?

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Jul 9, 2015 11:54am PDT

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