The Yelp Reviews From That Donut Shop Where Ariana Grande Made Anti-American Comments Are The Best Things You’ll Read Today!

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The people have spoken!!!

And they want their donuts! Sorry, Ariana Grande!

As we reported, Wolfee Donuts — aka that place where Miz Grande licked the merchandise and made anti-American comments — has had a HUGE INCREASE in sales after that whole fiasco.

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However, business isn’t the only thing that’s booming.

After “Donutgate”, the shop located in Lake Elsinore, CA saw it’s Yelp page blow up with positive reviews championing the eatery while BLASTING the Problems singer!

And of course, many of those kind comments are also freaking HIGHlarious and strange!

One commenter was so outraged by the 22-year-old’s actions that she refuses to listen to her music ever again!

“F*** Ariana! I’m so sick of celebrities getting away with disrespecting people. I was a fan of hers but after this, never again. I change the station when her music comes on.”

Another wants the store to pursue legal action:

“Please sue Ariana Grande and Ricky Alvarez for destroying your inventory├óΓé¼┬ª PLEASE SUE THAT LITTLE UNAMERICAN BRAT!”

One Yelp user criticized the diva’s views on American eating habits:

“I’m a Donut lover…take that you stupid Ariana Grande!!! I’m not obese, I’m not diabetic!!! I’m just an American girl that loves a good Donut!”

People are even surprised Wolfee’s DID NOT make the performer leave!

“This place deserves five stars simply for being so nice as to NOT THROW OUT that idiot Ariana Grande and her assmunch boytoy.”

The Internet is indeed a beautiful place!

[Image via Wolfee Donuts/Facebook/WENN.]

Jul 10, 2015 1:55pm PDT

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