Is Scott Disick About To Get FIRED From Keeping Up With The Kardashians?! This Legal Loophole Might Be His Downfall!

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Scott Disick is about to lose his meal ticket.

According to sources, the Kardashian family wants Scott off Keeping Up With the Kardashians ASAP and they’ve already consulted lawyers to prepare for his termination. Though Disick has no chances of appearing in any scenes with Kourtney Kardashian, there’s a possibility he could lobby to be filmed independently and the fam does NOT want that to happen.

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Luckily for the reality stars, LD’s contract is unique because it’s season to season and there’s a gross negligence clause(AKA Scott has to be on his best behavior).

A source revealed:

“Scott will not be returning to the show if he is not with Kourtney, because she is the only reason he was even on the show to begin with. The Kardashian women all have contracts with E! that extend three more years, but Scott has a separate deal with the network. His contract is very lucrative, but it is only season to season, because everyone anticipated that something like this would eventually happen.”

Wow! At the least the Kardashians set up the father of three’s contract in a preemptive manner!!

The insider added:

“There is a gross negligence clause, which Scott is obviously breaking with his insane behavior, so they are going to cut him loose from his contract. Kris wants him cut from everything, and he won’t be able to use the Kardashians in any way to benefit him. He won’t even be able to say I’m Scott Disick of KUWTK for appearances. They probably won’t make an announcement because they don’t want to give him any more publicity, good or bad. Lawyers are working on it.”

Smart!! Scott really dug himself a deep hole with his latest antics — what is he going to do for income now?!

The source confirmed Disick’s grim fate, saying:

“He will not get his own show on E!, as the family has already made sure that would not be a possibility. Scott knows he is done and the network obviously stands behind Kourtney and her immediate family. It’s sad but he is getting what he deserves.”

Well, you reap what you sow, as they say!

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Jul 10, 2015 8:06pm PDT

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