Rob Kardashian Reportedly Wants To ‘Knock Out’ Scott Disick For What He Did To Kourtney!

Rob Kardashian wants to beat up Scott Disick for how he treated his sister!

Them’s fighting words! Literally!

Rob Kardashian and Scott Disick used to be pretty tight. But after he got caught getting handsy with his ex, Chloé Bartoli, their relationship reportedly turned sour pretty quickly.

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Kourtney Kardashian has dumped her baby daddy after photos surfaced of him and the LA stylist, but sources are saying that Rob doesn’t feel like Scott’s emotional trauma is enough of a punishment.

An insider revealed that Rob would love nothing more than to bring the pain to his sister’s ex, saying:

“Rob just cannot believe that Scott did this to his sister and her family and he says he really wants to knock Scott the f*ck out.”

The source also says that Kourt’s brother is giving the bad boy the silent treatment, explaining:

“Scott has tried to reach out to Rob and get information out of him but Rob is not going to have any contact with him.”

The guys were really close at one point, but it looks like Rob is reportedly picking blood over water. And the insider admitted Kourtney isn’t the only one upset by the breakup, saying her brother is taking it pretty hard, too:

“Rob is really hurt by this entire situation. Scott was one of the only people that Rob could really turn to that understood what he was going through.”

It seems Scott should watch his back, since his ex has got quite the support squad!

[Image via Will Alexander/Joel Ginsburg/WENN.]

Jul 10, 2015 4:38pm PDT

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