So Inspirational! Watch This 11-Year-Old Confront His Cyber Bullies In An Epic Video Response To Mean Comments!

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Something so sad just turned into something so inspirational!

Thirty-year-old father Josh Fairbanks loved to film pranks with his son Logan, posting the clips on YouTube in what had become a favorite pastime for the two.

But after a while, Logan noticed hundreds of mean comments directed at him on the videos — and he asked his dad if he could fight back.

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In an epic video so much better than any ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’ segment, 11-year-old Logan reads terrible things commenters have said about him, while confronting nameless, faceless people on the Internet.

Ch-ch-check out the amazing and inspirational video (below):

Father Josh spoke to reporters about the decision to do the video:

“I was very hesitant [to allow Logan to make the video]. I knew he had seen some comments, but I also knew that he hadn’t seen anywhere near the worst of them.”

And, he acknowledged that he shielded Logan from the bullies for as long as he could:

“I knew the depths of how horrible people could get online, especially behind a screen where no one would know who they were. I was able to shield [Logan] for a while but after more of our videos became popular, he watched them on his own and saw some not-so-nice comments.”

Finally, after a few months of Logan pushing his dad to do the video, Josh relented and allowed the mature young man to make it happen. Logan has a good head on his shoulders:

“I wanted to show that I could be strong against whatever people said against me and to inspire others who deal with the same thing. People from Sweden, England, Israel and all over have emailed us. It means a lot to me to see that my video is affecting people for good from around the world.”

So incredible! You keep doin’ you, Logan!

[Image via YouTube.]

Jul 11, 2015 11:29am PDT

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