Could Conservative Caitlyn Jenner Become An Official Face For The Republican Party?

Will Caitlyn Jenner stump for the Republican Party during the 2016 campaign?

Well this is inneresting!

The 2016 presidential campaign is right around the corner already here, and with it comes candidates looking for allies, endorsements, and (let’s be honest) lots and lots of money.

Side shows aside (cough Donald Trump cough), the serious candidates in both political parties are gearing up for campaign runs, and some of them might be looking to… Caitlyn Jenner?

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It’s true! The Republican Party is apparently navigating how best to work with Caitlyn — who, among other coming-outs in the past few months, revealed that she is a conservative Republican!

​Gregory Angelo, the Log Cabin Republicans national executive director, revealed about Jenner:

“One of the more interesting and exciting things about Caitlyn Jenner is that potential she has to bridge these two worlds of entertainment and politics … Caitlyn Jenner is now a part of the 2016 narrative whether she wants to be or not. Whether Democrats or Republicans want her to be or not.”

Ya think?!

As Jenner revealed herself to the world over the past few weeks, politicians from Democratic President Barack Obama to Republican Senator Lindsey Graham offered support and well wishes, and Jenner helped spark conversations about LGBT issues as they relate to mainstream American culture.

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And as culture goes, so politics usually follows, Angelo says:

“What it has shown me is this is not a partisan issue. There is educational work that needs to be done on both sides. So whether Caitlyn is ready or not, she is high-profile. Political figures are weighing in on her and her politics, and I think there is a tremendous opportunity for her to use her own voice in all of this.”

Considering GOP politicians haven’t always been accepting of LGBT issues, going after Caitlyn’s support might seem like a stretch.

But, considering her high profile, it might make sense for candidates to acknowledge her:

“I think more attention will be paid not only to the usual political news media but also entertainment media… I think it is inevitable the Caitlyn Jenner question will arise in debates. This is the consequence of a high-profile transgender Republican celebrity.”

What do U think — will Republicans attempt to court Caitlyn during campaign season? Or, will she avoid GOP circles in light of past resistance to LGBT equality?!

[Image via Alberto Reyes/WENN.]

Jul 13, 2015 4:28pm PDT

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