Ethiopian Soccer Team Got Trapped In An American Airport Because Of Baggage Fees?! Find Out Who Helped Them!

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An Ethiopian soccer team was just trying to fly out of Denver International Airport last week when they got stranded in the worst way.

The east African club, brand new to a country halfway around the world, hadn’t counted on running into excess baggage fees on their commercial flight (Really, airlines? Really?).

When they got the bill — nearly $2,000 — they realized they couldn’t come up with the money. Their plane left without them, and the club was stuck: they had to get to their next city but still didn’t have any money for baggage fees!

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That’s when four officers from the Denver Police Department stepped in to help!

Knowing the team was in trouble, Officers Greg Ceccacci, J. Sewald, W. Albright, Jode Sprague, and Mark Miller negotiated the airline fees down to $400 — and then covered the remaining balance out of their own pockets!

The DPD just released the story on Facebook (below):

STRANDED NO MORE On July 5, 2015, Denver Police Officers assigned to Denver International Airport learned that an…
Posted by Denver Police Department on Sunday, July 12, 2015

Stranded no more, indeed!

Good work, DPD! Now, about these airlines…

[Image via Denver Police Department/Facebook.]

Jul 13, 2015 5:25pm PDT

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