Sorry, Passive-Aggressive Facebookers — The ‘Who Deleted Me’ App Has Been Deleted By Facebook

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Well that was fun while it lasted!

The Who Deleted Me app debuted just a couple days ago and allowed Facebook users to check out who’s been unfriending them — and now it’s gone!

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In a statement, the app’s developer Anthony Kuske said:

“Unfortunately, due to a request by Facebook, Who Deleted Me is no longer available on any platform. Who Deleted Me was intended to be a useful tool to enhance users’ Facebook experience, but Facebook did not see it the same way.”

Yeah, you could say that last part again.

Kuske was surprised by how quickly the app exploded in popularity, but Facebook wasn’t down with all the deletion data dumps. A spokesperson for the social giant said:

“We take action against any app that violates our terms and policies.”


What about U — did U get to use the app before it got axed? Have U lost any real-life friends after finding they deleted you?!

[Image via Who Deleted Me/Facebook.]

Jul 13, 2015 4:45pm PDT

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