Farrah Abraham Dishes On Sophia’s Insecurities — Would The Teen Mom Star Allow Her Daughter To Get Plastic Surgery?

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Six-years-old is too young to feel insecure about your looks!

In a recent interview, Farrah Abraham opened up about how her six-year-old daughter, Sophia, feels insecure about losing her baby teeth.

Hmm, is this why the Teen Mom star gifted her daughter with $600 for her last lost tooth?!

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Abraham explained:

“My little Sophia, she’s been going through a hard time right now losing all of her teeth, and she’s not really so secure. I think it’s really a struggle losing your teeth right now when everyone’s looking at looks. So, she lost her first big tooth, and she’s just like, ‘Mommy, I want teeth like yours!’ and I’ve had my teeth cosmetically done, so they’re looking pretty perfect.”

Aww, it’s sad to hear that Soph is struggling! It’s too bad the first grader is constantly comparing herself at a such a young age!

So, would Farrah ever allow her only child to get plastic surgery like she did? The reality star revealed:

“You’ll see that my daughter does value how I’ve done my look and invested in myself, and I feel like if plastic surgery is not harming her and making her look better, and keeping her healthy into her older years, I have no issues with that. I’m going to be supportive because it hurts me to see my daughter worrying about her looks, even while she’s losing her teeth right now, so that’s sad.”

Umm, losing one’s teeth is the norm for every child!

Maybe FA should put more effort in building up Sophia’s self-esteem so she isn’t so concerned about the baby teeth — plastic surgery should be the last resort at this stage!

Thankfully Farrah thinks her daughter looks gorgeous with or without plastic surgery, adding:

“I think my daughter looks beautiful regardless if she’s losing her baby teeth or if she’s having a bad hair day. I really embrace everything about my daughter. I think she’s so perfect, gorgeous, and I’m thankful to God I have her. I encourage her to just look past some of those things.”

Now this is more like it! Just keep encouraging Sophia to love herself, girl!

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Jul 14, 2015 12:46pm PDT

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