Don’t Call Laverne Cox A ‘Role Model’! Call Her THIS Instead!

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For all the work she’s done for the transgender community, you would think Laverne Cox would love to be called a role model.

Well think again.

In the latest issue of RadioTimes magazine, the Orange Is the New Black star reveals she REALLY doesn’t like that term.

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The 31-year-old exclaimed:

“I hate the term ‘role model’. It’s presumptuous to think that anyone should model their life after you…”‘

We completely agree!

But, what should we call Miz Cox instead?!

She dished:

“But I do like the term possibility model.”

We like the sound of that!

However, you can call the statuesque diva “gorgeous” anytime you want! She loves it!

“I’ve been very blessed. A lot of people have told me that I’m gorgeous and I love hearing that; I’m not going to lie.”

But that doesn’t mean being beautiful is what the activist wants to be known for!

“But I would like to think that I’m compelling not just because of the way I look. That I have something intelligent, smart, insightful, even moving to say. That I’m talented as an actress and that there’s something about the content of my character that is beautiful, beyond how I look. I’d like to think that.”

We TOTALLY agree with Laverne’s point about individuality! Just be you!

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Jul 14, 2015 12:17pm PDT

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