Portland Decorates Its Power Lines With Dildos Because Why Not!

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Is this an episode of Portlandia or is this real life?

In recent weeks, the city of Portland has seen an influx of….dildos. Yep, overnight the “city of roses” has been turned into the “city of dildos” thanks to anonymous pranksters who’ve tied HUNDREDS!!! of sex toys to power lines.

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Well, at least the perp(s) are creative! A+ for ingenuity!

A resident of Portland said of the sexy situation:

“Run for the hills, they’re multiplying.”

Ha! Well, we could think of worse things to overrun the city…at least we know the sex toy industry is thriving in Portland!

Check out some hilarious pics (below)!

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So festive!! How perfect would it be for a bird to perch itself on one of the dildos? Now that would be really picturesque!

Well, we’re curious to see how #dildogate turns out — maybe the peens will become a permanent fixture and tourist attraction in Portland!

[Image via Twitter.]

Jul 14, 2015 3:54pm PDT

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