This Is How Lena Dunham Felt After Taking The Stage With Taylor Swift & Her Model Entourage

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Props to Lena Dunham for surviving this incredibly awkward moment.

In a recent interview, Lena opened up about what it was like to stand on stage alongside Taylor Swift and her gorgeous entourage (Gigi Hadid, Lily Aldridge, Hailee Steinfeld) — a moment any girl would have anxiety over.

While the actress didn’t think anything was weird in the actual moment, she later realized how “something was very wrong” standing alongside the group of supermodels.

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Dunham explained:

“I loved it; I recommend it to anyone…But I shan’t be walking that runway again. I was so thrilled to support my friend and so displeased to learn about the truth of my own height. I’ve been feeling pretty tall, feeling pretty sturdy, and it was amazing to me, like, “Oh, I’m not tall, I’m chubby.” It’s different.

But I mean, on most days, I feel really great and fine about my body, but I don’t think standing next to, like, three supermodels or so is anything even the most confident woman needs to do. And when I socialize with those women, which I’ve done a little bit, because they’re good friends of Taylor’s, who is a good friend of mine, I don’t feel so strange. But the minute I caught sight of myself on the Jumbotron, I knew something was very wrong.”

Aw, we imagine how the experience must have felt strange! LD is 5’3″ compared to Tay (5’10”), Lily (5’9″), and Hailee (5’8″). Not to mention Dunham opted for no make-up!

The Girls star added:

“I got all these texts from friends saying, like, ‘I just want you to know you’re beautiful.’ And I was like, ‘I didn’t ask for that.’ You [Judd Apatow] were just like, ‘That was the fucking funniest thing I’ve ever seen.’ And my boyfriend made it his screensaver, because he thinks it’s so funny to just look at the height difference and look at all the people in makeup, and then me, like [makes face]. And that’s the reaction that’s like, ‘Get the fuck out!'”

Ha! Well, at least the writer has a good attitude about the whole situation!!

So, would YOU feel uncomfortable in Lena’s position?

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Jul 14, 2015 7:08pm PDT

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