Rob Thomas Says Kristen Bell Is Down For A Veronica Mars Mini-Series!

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Long live Veronica Mars!

With Rob Thomas‘ newest series iZombie getting a second season renewal over on The CW, it seems as though another of his famous TV shows could be brought back to life.

That’s because at a recent panel interview with his Sci-Fi cast, Rob admitted that the Veronica Mars movie may not be the last we’ve seen of Neptune.

Although nothing is planned as of yet, he did throw in that Kristen Bell is totally down for another reboot, saying:

“Kristen’s game. I’m certainly game.

Kristen and I have talked about possibly doing a second movie or taking it out as a short run series. A Veronica Mars True Detective is really appealing to us.”

That. Sounds. AH-Mazing!!!

Can you imagine Matthew McConaughey and Kristen fightin’ crime together?

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Veronica Mars premiered 11 years ago and people are still talking about it at Comic-Con… sounds to us like a mini-series would be well received.

Would U watch an HBO-level series for a CW crowd??

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Jul 14, 2015 4:25pm PDT

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