Josh Duggar Is MIA In Family Portrait From Amy Duggar’s Engagement Celebration! Was He Intentionally Left Out?!

josh duggar missing from family photo

Where’s Josh Duggar?!

On Tuesday, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar took to Facebook to send their well wishes to their niece Amy Duggar after celebrating her engagement to Dillon King.

They wrote:

“We are so excited for our niece Amy Duggar and Dillion King on getting engaged. We tell every couple that as a husband and wife individually draw close to God, they will draw close to each other. We love you Amy & Dillion and pray that God will continue to bless your relationship as you put Him first in your lives!”

However, it appears that one specific member of the 19 Kids And Counting family is missing from the family pic (above)!

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Since Josh’s wife Anna and their son Marcus are featured in the snap — we wonder if this means that the controversial TV star has been intentionally left out of the photo.

The family’s faced backlash since the eldest Duggar’s molestation past came to light. Though the 27-year-old has laid relatively low since the scandal, he did remember to send his congratulation to his cousin on Twitter.

He shared:

Does this message mean you missed the celebration all together?!

One insider revealed:

“Josh and cousin Amy are actually the closest in age and grew up together. They are close. If the scandal hadn’t come to light I have no doubt he would have been happily posing in the group photo.”

Hmm, very inneresting! Perhaps he’s the one taking the picture?!

Another source explained:

“It seems like the Duggars are trying to slowly ease back into favor with the public. Josh may have taken the photo, been behind the camera, but everyone knows Jinger is the photographer of the group. She or someone who was helping with the party that day could have taken the picture no problem. This is heavily orchestrated to keep Josh out of the public eye for a while.”


We wonder if their “out of sight, out of mind” strategy will work — especially since the fate of the family’s TLC show is still uncertain.

We guess only time will tell!

[Image via Facebook.]

Jul 15, 2015 11:12am PDT

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