Police Believe Chris Brown Was Targeted & Followed Before His Home Invasion! Get The Deets!

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This is crazy!

Chris Brown being robbed and his aunt being held at gunpoint is crazy and scary enough as it is but now it’s being reported that this may not have been a random robbery!

Police are saying that they believe C. Breezy was actually followed to the club and the burglars may have had someone at the club keeping tabs on him!

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The robbers told Chris’ aunt after they broke in that they knew he was at Argyle nightclub in Hollywood and needed to move quickly before Brown came home!

Chris was hosting a pre-ESPY party at the Hollywood nightclub until after 2 AM while the criminals were busy at his San Fernando Valley mansion! Based on what the police have learned, they also believe that the culprits had someone in the club who was keeping tabs on the 26-year-old singer!

The cops also believe that there’s a very good chance that the robbers actually knew Chris and may have known the layout of his house! Though this isn’t extremely surprising as the Loyal singing apparently invites quite a few random people from the clubs into his home!

It’s always awful when someone gets taken advantage of, especially by friends or people you know. Based on what happened, we’re betting that Chris is going to start being a lot more careful about who he let’s in!

[Image via 3rd Eye/WENN.]

Jul 16, 2015 7:36am PDT

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