Firefighter Becomes Crime Fighter After Encounter With Robber At Texas Gas Station! Watch The Security Footage!

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He’s not the hero Midlothian deserves, but the one they need right now.

Daniel Gaskey stopped at a Midlothian gas station on his way to work one June morning. But when a robber entered the store, the off duty firefighter became a vigilante! He said:

“It’s 6:15 in the morning and you’re still trying to wake up to, you know. And then all of a sudden this guys pushing me. I realized real quick what was going on. There’s only one reason people wear a black mask at a gas station.”

Gaskey recalls going over the situation in his head before he stepped to action, detailing:

“He’s got a fixed blade knife. He doesn’t have a gun. Or if he does he doesn’t have it in his hand he’s got a knife right now. I was like, he’s focused on the lady. I can control this.”

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Unfortunately for the robber, Gaskey wrestled in high school along with serving eight years as a U.S. marine! The hero continued:

“I just launched on his back, put my arm around his head, around his neck and just rotated and just trust him on the ground. I landed on top of him and standing. And once I got them on the ground and I was on top of it I was able to get the knife away and threw it out of his reach and focused more on controlling him.”

Once Gaskey detained the robber, the “very grateful” clerk called 911. After the incident, the firefighter wouldn’t even take as much as a free cup of coffee for his deed. He said:

“You don’t do this for fame or fortune or anything like that. It’s just the right thing to do and that’s the reward in itself is the fact that you were able to help someone out.”

Now that’s our kind of citizen! Check out the footage (below) to see the take down!

Jul 16, 2015 12:25pm PDT

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