Twitter Is FREAKING OUT About TLC Canceling 19 Kids And Counting! See Reactions Of All Types Here!

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On Thursday, TLC finally decided to cancel their hit show 19 Kids And Counting in the wake of Josh Duggar‘s admission to previously molesting underage girls.

While it took the cable network over a month to find any way possible to salvage their ratings juggernaut, social media outrage finally convinced TLC that the show was not worth saving!

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Once the news broke, fans and critics alike took to Twitter to voice their opinions on the matter.

Most were relived that the reality show was finally off the air for good:

Some users lamented about how they wouldn’t see their favorite Duggar family anymore:

And some ignorant users compared Josh Duggar molesting his sisters to TLC’s new show I Am Jazz, following the life of transgender teen Jazz Jennings:

And then there’s this guy, who has better things to do than follow reality TV scandals:

What do YOU think of 19 Kids finally getting the can?

[Image via TLC.]

Jul 16, 2015 11:37am PST

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