50 Cent’s Money Troubles Get Laid Out In Court! See The Insane Amount He Owes & Who He Owes It To!

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This doesn’t sound good!

50 Cent, or Curtin Jackson to some, recently filed for bankruptcy and it looks like the rapper will have to try a little harder to stay rich!

After the Wanksta rapper made the announcement Monday, it didn’t take him long to assure everyone that he still has quite a bit of money in assets and liabilities!

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But was this just putting up a front? We’re not sure but now the legal documents have come out showing how much he owes and who he owes it to!

According to the federal Bankruptcy Court filing that was released on Thursday, Fiddy owes over $28 million to creditors! One of his biggest unpaid creditors is the Florida based Sleek Audio who won over $18 million in a decision against the hip-hop artists after the company claimed he stole their design!

Of course one of the other big paydays is to Lavonia Leviston, who won $5 million after Jackson put her private sex tape on the Internet.

Among other debts, he also owes close to $2,000 to his grandfather and a nice little $137,880 to Bentley for the car that he leases. Oh yeah, and that little thing called legal fees in which he’s racked up about another $1 million

Though we’re sure he’ll still have money after this, 50 is definitely taking a hit and probably won’t be In Da Club as often as he’d like to be!

[Image via 50 Cent/Instagram.]

Jul 17, 2015 9:37am PDT

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