Amy Schumer May Have Upset Disney With Her Sexy Star Wars GQ Spread!

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Amy Schumer rocked a lot of socks with her super sexy Star Wars-themed photoshoot for GQ.

But how did Lucasfilm — and their new parent company Disney — respond to Amy stripping, smoking, and getting under the covers with their characters?

[ Photos: Amy Schumer’s Alternate GQ Cover Is Everything! ]

Not to mention fellating a lightsaber!

The official response, given out by the Star Wars Twitter account, doesn’t sound very appreciative of the humor:

“Lucasfilm & Disney didn’t approve, participate in or condone the inappropriate use of our characters in this manner.”

They may not approve, but it also doesn’t sound like they’re going to be taking any action.

And how could they really? Amy is just spoofing something that everyone knows and loves; we’re sure GQ is totally under the umbrella of parody law.

But it’s definitely not the family-friendly image Disney wants to cultivate for one of its brands.

[Image via GQ.]

Jul 17, 2015 3:17pm PDT

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