Terrifying! Mother Installs Security Camera & Finds Out A Prowler Has Been Returning To Her Home To Break In! Watch The Chilling Footage!

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This. Is. Horrifying!!!

Lisa Mackenzie, a mother of two in Wales, discovered something very interesting when she watched security camera footage of her back door on Monday.

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The 30-year-old mom had installed security cameras earlier in the month after she noticed suspicious signs around her home as if another attempted break-in had happened.

Then, on Monday, she noticed her back gate open. She figured it was left open by one of her kids, but thought she ought to check the security footage just to be safe.

When she checked it, she found a horrifying sight (below):

An unidentified person wearing a hoodie takes a light to her windows and prowls around in the backyard, eventually turning the door knob to see if it will open.

After a few minutes of terror, the unidentified suspect leaves, though Mackenzie was obviously terrified by the entire ordeal.

Now, after McKenzie originally shared the clip on Facebook, the video has gone viral, and police in Wales are trying to determine a suspect.

What do U think — what would U do if you saw this same footage from your own backyard?!

P.S. How stupid is this ne’er-do-well to wear a light colored hoodie?! Someone catch this person!

[Image via YouTube.]

Jul 17, 2015 1:53pm PDT

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