Adam Sandler Tries To Set The Record Straight About Native American Actors Walking Off The Ridiculous 6, But Doesn’t Really Clear Up Anything!

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Hmmm, we’re not sold yet├óΓé¼┬ª

Back in April, there were quite a few Native American actors who walked off the set of a new Adam Sandler Netflix movie titled The Ridiculous 6!

This was due to some things within the film that the Native Americans found offensive such as spoof Native names like Beaver’s Breath and No Bra.

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Shortly after this happened, a producer on the film’s response to the dilemma was that the actors should “probably leave” if they found the material offensive.

Now that Sandler is making the rounds for his upcoming alien video game invasion movie Pixels, he’s being asked directly about what exactly happened with the whole controversy. Sandler addressed it by saying:

“It was just a misunderstanding and once the movie is out, it will be cleared up.”

As great as this may be, and hopefully that’s the case, when you look at any argument or disagreement, it’s almost all just a “misunderstanding” so this really just seemed like the politically correct thing to say and doesn’t really offer us much detail into his thoughts or what’s happened on set.

Regardless, we hope that everyone can just find their funny bone again and try and look past any misunderstandings and come to a common ground. Comedy quite often offends someone, let’s just hope Sandler found a way to do it tastefully!

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Jul 20, 2015 9:46am PDT

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