Ciara & Russell Wilson Aren’t Worried About CiCi’s Ex Future — They’ve Got These Bigger Things To Focus On!

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These two are keeping their eyes on the goal line!

NFL star Russell Wilson and singer Ciara have been under pressure recently — and most of it is Ciara’s ex, Future, trying to sack the relationship before the couple can get near the end zone.

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The recent rush of comments from the rapper hasn’t fazed Wilson or Ciara, though — in fact, the two are stronger than ever, and they are marching forward!

After Future lobbed some harsh words out about son Future Zahir Wilburn growing up around Wilson, Ciara chose to go back on the high road:

“Ciara was more annoyed with Future’s comments than sad or upset. She is really strong now and so happy. She thinks Future needs to live his life and leave her happy relationship out of it.”

Wilson, too, kept his focus straight ahead, with a source saying the Seattle Seahawks star wasn’t concerned with Future’s comments.

As for Wilson meeting baby Future, well, it all happened pretty simply:

“Russell loves kids and it was important to Ciara for Russell to meet Baby Future. Russell is not trying to replace Future as a dad. He is just being a good guy to both Ciara and Baby Future. Ciara introduced baby Future to Russell in a very organic way and never forced anything involving her child.”

And like any relationship, celeb or otherwise, focusing on each other is the surest path to success, right?!

“Russell is all about Ciara and they’ve been getting pretty close. It’s about them and that’s all they are focusing on.”

Sounds like these two may just be scoring a touchdown if they keep on this path!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

Jul 20, 2015 11:17am PDT

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