Wait, What?! North West Has A Personal Trainer?!

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What the what?!

Kim Kardashian West knows how to look good, and she works hard to make it happen — beauty sessions, eating right, and fitness like a boss. But is daughter North already on that same path?!

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Rumors have it that Kim K has already hired a personal trainer for her adorbz two-year-old mini-me — WHAT?!

According to a source, Kim is being proactive about North’s health and fitness:

“She has one of her guys work out with North at the end of her session, once or twice a week. They teach her fun stuff like stretches and other basic aerobics, nothing strenuous.”

Hmmm. That definitely sounds better than some crazy trainer regimen, but still… for a two-year-old?!

“She wants her to be a perfect physical specimen, and she thinks it’s perfectly normal to want to get North in shape at such an early age.”

The ‘perfect physical specimen’ talk is a little cray-cray, but if it’s all about getting the youngster in the habits of being healthy and letting her learn early how fun it is to be active?! Hey, that’s OK!

Most kids just, we don’t know, play outside — but clearly North is not most kids.

What do U think about it — should a two-year-old have a personal trainer?!

[Image via Kim Kardashian West/Instagram.]

Jul 20, 2015 3:28pm PDT

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