Paz De La Huerta Files Lawsuit Against Filmmakers — Here’s Why She Wants $55 Million After Film Tanked!

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Uhm, come again?

Sometimes people seem to be a bit full of themselves and overestimate their value — and we all know celebrities are no different!

Paz De La Huerta just happens to be one of those people as she has recently filed a lawsuit worth $55 million.

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She’s doing so because she believes the director of the movie Nurse 3D, as well as an ambulance driver, ruined her career — cue the eye roll.

During the shooting of the film — which the basic premise about a nurse who murders unfaithful low-life men is as bad as it sounds — De La Huerta claims that she was shooting a scene where an ambulance was supposed to drive by, but during the shoot it clipped her instead. Paz says that this caused her to suffer a spinal fracture.

At this point, the actress claims that she told executives that she was going to file for worker’s comp. When the director caught wind of this, he hired another actress to dub her voice during some of Paz’s scenes.

The movie of course tanked with the critics drawing particular attention to the terrible performance by De La Huerta. We’re sure she believes that it was the dub that caused the movie to tank, not the awful premise or it just being a dud.

Paz believes her career to be severely damaged by film, and because she was making $2 mil a year, she somehow justifies the idea that she believes her career is worth $55 million. LOLz!

Not only that but in her lawsuit, she’s also requesting that the judge order the director to re-dub the movie in her original voice.

At this point, we’re honestly not sure what’s more ridiculous, her thinking her career is worth $55 million or wanting to re-dub Nurse 3D!

[Image via C.Smith/WENN.]

Jul 20, 2015 9:05am PDT

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