Sex Tape Couple Who Filmed Their Freaky Flick In A Uniqlo Fitting Room Are Detained By Beijing Police!

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Last week, we reported that a sex tape filmed in a Uniqlo fitting room in Beijing went viral, which caused major issues for the couple in question!

Now, Chinese authorities have detained several people linked to the naughty clip. Beijing police said of the investigation:

“The two people in the obscene video had sex in the fitting room in mid-April and used a cell phone to film their activity. The video was leaked and uploaded on the Internet when it was sent to WeChat friends.”

WeChat is installed on about 90% of smartphones in China, making it one of the country’s largest social media platforms.

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State media reported that at least five individuals had been taken into custody, including a 19-year-old suspect for allegedly uploading the clip to popular micro-blogging service Weibo.

The global “fast-fashion” chain has once again denied any involvement and assures that its employees were not among those detained.

Officials reprimanded WeChat and Weibo for their part in spreading the video “against socialist core values,” and urged internet users to “preserve a healthy online environment.”

Porn is technically illegal in China, which is why people have to go to fitting rooms to act out some fantasy that we can just search on a plethora of porn sites in the U.S.!

[Image via AP Images.]

Jul 20, 2015 11:37am PDT

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