EXCLUSIVE! Forget 106 Days, This Guy Has Been Eating At Chipotle For Over 150 — And He Has The Rocking Abs To Prove It!

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We want this life!

Have you heard of the guy who has been to Chipotle every day for 106 days?

Well he can go, because Andrew Hawryluk has eaten at the fast food chain for the past 153 days!

The 23-year-old animator first decided to only eat burrito bowls as his challenge for Lent, but it’s now developed into his “culinary endurance art piece.”

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Andrew’s go-to meal consists of white rice, chicken, lettuce, guacamole and Tabasco, so it’s actually super healthy — and he’s documenting the whole experience on his website Chipotlife.com!

Don’t believe us??

His rock-hard abs prove that what he’s doing is totally working:

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We approve!

But what does the hottie have to say about his unique diet?

“I’m single and I’m not currently represented by a modeling agency if any are interested.”

LOLz! That needs to change ASAP!

Plus, Andrew is so dedicated to his craft that he even dressed as a Chipotle employee for Halloween.

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Keep livin’ the dream, Andrew!

[Image via Andrew Hawryluk/Facebook.]

Jul 21, 2015 6:44pm PDT

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