The Duggars Are ‘Heartbroken’ Over Cancellation & Want To Return To TV — A Source Close To The Family Explains Why!

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This doesn’t seem all that surprising.

It took quite a while for the hit TLC show 19 Kids and Counting to actually get pulled off the air. When it did though, there was apparently no one more upset over the decision than the Duggar family.

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A source close to the family reports that the family is:

“Heartbroken that they’ve now lost that platform.”

It seems to us that would be the norm — once you get a taste of the spotlight, you don’t want to leave!

But the source close to the family explains that it might have more to do with faith than anything else.

Quite often on the reality show, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar discussed religion and their faith and the source reveals that:

“The Duggars want to return to TV because they truly believe it was part of God’s plan for them to spread the word about their faith.”

It would be nice to believe that their hearts are in the right place and that there is no underlying motive but it just seems too good to be true, especially with the way they handled the Josh Duggar scandal that ultimately lead to their demise.

The source continues to say that:

“I think Jim Bob and Michelle honestly did expect people to just move on from this. Their thinking is, they put this behind them ages ago, so why wouldn’t the rest of the world?”

Again, this just sounds a bit naive as they’re in the public spotlight and millions of people have all kinds of opinions. When Jim Bob and Michelle didn’t really follow up on Josh’s heinous indiscretions, it seems to show a severe lack of judgement and what would probably be widely considered as towing a moral line when you’re in the public eye and preaching faith.

Regardless of if the family ever sees airtime again, we just hope they can find peace with this scandal and find some sort of normal life again.

[Image via Fox News.]

Jul 22, 2015 8:30am PDT

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