Canadian Man Beats The Odds & Is Not Only Struck By Lightning But Wins The Lotto Too — See His Story HERE!

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What are the odds of this ever happening?!

Everyone daydreams about winning the lottery and there are probably quite a few people who fear being struck by lighting. They’re such different things and yet we often hear the comparison of odds to be similar.

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Well one lucky and also not-so-lucky man, Peter McCaithie, somehow beat the odds and was able to pull both feats off by recently winning the lottery in Canada!

When McCaithie was 14-years-old, he was apparently taking a boat trip and wading by the shore of a lake when he was struck by a bolt of lightning! He recalls:

“I was trying to lock the boat up, it was a very sunny day, there was one big, white cloud in the sky and the lightning bolt came through the trees and hit me.”

McCaithie was able to beat the odds a second time when he recently won the Atlantic Lottery in Canada with a co-worker who he’s been playing with for a year. Even though he’d already been struck by lightning once, an occurrence that’s about one in one million, he was still shocked by winning and he said:

“I honestly expected to get hit by lightning again first.”

He definitely has good reason to believe that as the odds of winning the lottery are about one in 13,983,816!

But crazy enough, the story doesn’t stop there!

Peter’s daughter was also struck by lightning a few years back as he explains:

“They had pulled off the lake due to storms, so she was locking all the canoes, making sure they weren’t going to get blown away, and she got hit by lightning.”

We don’t know about you, but we’d start buying lottery tickets with his daughter if we knew her! LOLz!

Jul 22, 2015 12:35pm PDT

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