Tyga Has A**hole Written All Over His Face — But It May Not Be Why You Think!

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Calm down, we’re not calling him that!

As you can see (above) Tyga looks like he’s a little upset about someone writing or painting “A**hole” on the side of his cheek in what appears to be silver paint!

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Normally we might be concerned — well maybe not — or at least think that it’s some sort of joke being pulled by one of his friends or a stunt for Kingin’ with Tyga — but that’s not the case this time!

You don’t have to worry though, this wasn’t a prank and was professionally done! That’s right, the face paint is actually just because he’s on the set of a film he’s shooting!

He’s currently in Los Angeles shooting the film, Going Under, which also stars Bruce Willis, Jason Momoa, Famke Janssen, Adam Goldberg, David Arquette, Victor Ortiz, and John Goodman!

It’s the first day of shooting this action comedy about a Los Angeles detective who’s looking for the gang that stole his dog! It’s also written and directed by the same duo who wrote the Willis comedy, Cop Out!

We don’t know about you but with Willis, Tyga and Momoa all involved, we’ll definitely be checking this flick out!

[Image via KVS/Shirley Pacific Coast News Online.]

Jul 22, 2015 3:25pm PDT

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