Donald Trump’s Value & Earnings Revealed In Documents — You Won’t Believe Some Of The Numbers!

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We don’t know whether to be amazed or depressed├óΓé¼┬ª

Recently Donald Trump‘s financial disclosure forms filed with the Federal Election Commission have been released and they show some pretty staggering amount of money he’s earning.

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The 92-page document from the FEC shows that Trump receives income from over 150 different deals, while holding positions on boards at more than 500 companies as well as having a massive variety of products he’s involved in ranging from menswear, to water and wine.

Not only that but he apparently also collects a whopping $250,000 PER speech he gives!

SRSLY?! Not only do people pay him to open his mouth, but 250k?!

Oh and it doesn’t stop there! Trump also earns a Screen Actors Guild pension worth about $110,000.

And you want to talk royalties? He made $9.5 million from licensing fees from things such as his coffee brand, energy drinks and even vodka!

In the past, Trump has claimed he’s worth somewhere around $10 billion, but sadly for him Forbes magazine estimated him at a measly $4 billion. LOLz.

We honestly don’t know whether or not to be jealous because even with all that money, would you still want to be THIS guy?

Jul 23, 2015 11:02am PDT

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