Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! See All The Best Twitter Reactions To The Most Insane Moments HERE!

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It happened again, old chums!

Wednesday night was the premiere of Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! on the SyFy network, and it did not disappoint!

Oh, you thought there was no way they could top the insanity of the first two? Three words: Sharks. In. Space.

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With out-of-this-world plot twists and everyone from Kim Richards to Chad Johnson making cameos, the third Sharknado was appointment entertainment.

But just in case you DID miss it, we’ve rounded up some of the best Twitter reactions to every fin-tastic moment! Experience the magic for yourself (below)!

Jennie Garth didn’t make a cameo, but she did support her 90210 boyfriend Ian Ziering:

Shark Tank billionaire Mark Cuban played the president in the movie, but truth is stranger than fiction…

And Anthony Weiner was a NASA employee!

Subway spokesman Jared Fogel‘s cameo may have been cut, but it’s George Lucas who’s gonna sue somebody!

SyFy themselves got people tweeting by taking a page out of the Batman comic book with the HIGHlarious promotion where they let fans decide Tara Reid‘s fate:

And people really got into it!

Why is Tara’s life in danger? Because the movie ended on a cliffhanger when April got eaten by a shark… in space… then gave birth while inside the shark!

Luckily Tara was a real sport about it — but was her performance award-worthy? Costars Jedward think so:

Of course, tons of deaths in Sharknado 3 weren’t up for debate!

Frankie Muniz had his arms and legs bitten off:

David Hasselhoff went into space, presumably never to return:

The entire cast of the Today show bit it:

Game Of Thrones author George R.R. Martin was killed — and it wasn’t even at a wedding!

All in all, it was a truly epic experience — and a patriotic one at that:

Was there anything we missed? Of course! Every moment was filled with campy awesomeness!

But we didn’t miss as much as poor Tyra Banks:

Awwww! There’s always DVR!

Oh yeah, and Sharknado 4! Oh hell yes!!!!

[Image via SyFy.]

Jul 23, 2015 10:17am PDT

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