Watch Amy Schumer Shut Down An Australian Interview Duo After One Of Them Calls Her Trainwreck Character ‘Skanky’

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Well this is awkward!

Earlier this week on Wednesday, Matt Tilley, a DJ on Australia’s KIIS 101.1 FM, was interviewing Amy Schumer about her character in Trainwreck when he called the character “skanky.”

Now, he’s finding out that might not have been the best idea.

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After asking if the word ‘skanky’ existed in America (um, yes), he told Schumer that the word pretty much defined the character in the movie, and not to take offense to it.

Deadpan, Schumer responded:

“Whatever you are trying to do, you are [doing]. That’s a rude question.”


Considering Schumer has admitted to the film being a biographical look at her life as a college student — she even said as much in the same interview — it’s probably not a good idea to go around calling the character skanky!

Ch-ch-check out the whole awkward video interview (below):

Oh man! Maybe these Aussie DJs will get a second chance at interviewing Amy when another movie she does comes out in the next few years?

[Image via YouTube.]

Jul 24, 2015 2:45pm PDT

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