Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert’s Tweets Are Getting A Little Strange…

Miranda Lambert made a kind-of-weird, kind-of-funny joke at Blake Shelton.

Most couples who get divorced don’t typically talk right away, let alone crack pregnancy jokes at each other for the entire world to see.

But, most former flames aren’t Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton.

[ Photo: Blake Spotted Out For The First Time Since His Divorce! ]

It seems like the two exes are still friendly, since they were tweeting at each other on Friday to promote a fellow musician’s new album.

But then things got interesting.

Miranda made a joke at Blake, by sending him a picture on Twitter that a media outlet had posted of the 39-year-old pushing a baby stroller down the street, writing:

Blake had a pretty good sense of humor about it, replying:

It’s looking like the two are really getting along pretty well, despite the fact that they only recently broke up. So much so, that some followers just aren’t buying it, like this person who wrote:

Blake bluntly responded by saying that he doesn’t care even a little bit:

So what if the country stars still like to joke and laugh with each other even though they’re no longer a couple? Isn’t that what almost everyone wants anyway, to stay friends with their exes?

We’re thrilled that the two are able to get along and be happy regardless of whether or not they’re together!

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN.]

Jul 24, 2015 10:17pm PDT

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