Ice-T’s Wife Coco Austin Reveals New Details About Her Pregnancy!

Ice-T & Coco Austin have been pregnant 'for a while!'

Well, what do you know?

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On Monday, Coco Austin took to Twitter to announce that she and Ice-T are expecting their first child! She happily wrote:

Seems like her social media followers weren’t the first to know, since the blonde bombshell revealed that she let it slip while taping their new talk show, Ice & Coco:

“It was a really awesome moment. I cried. It was a nice feeling to know that the world knows and I don’t have to hide it.”

She also added that she and the Law & Order: SVU actor had been keeping their baby news under wraps, saying:

“I’ve been pregnant for a while, but we’ve been holding it between us for some time.”

The 36-year-old also explained that she and Ice will be spilling all sorts of secrets about their first pregnancy on their upcoming show:

“[We’ll share] all the juicy details: How far along I am, the gender.”

And Coco revealed that even though she had concerns about pregnancy in the past — like when her doctor told her that her blood pressure was too high to safely get pregnant — conceiving was no trouble at all:

“It wasn’t a big deal. It was actually shocking how easily it happened. It’s beautiful how life actually works. Now that I have a little thing inside of me moving around, it’s amazing.”

While this is only only Coco’s first pregnancy, it will be baby number three for Ice-T, who also has a 20-year-old grandchild.

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Jul 27, 2015 3:13pm PDT

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