Man Killed While Attacking An Escort May Have Been A Serial Killer — Details Here

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This gets a little bit weird and a little scary!

Neal Falls, a 45-year-old man who is a former security guard from Oregon, was killed during an encounter he had with an escort he found online.

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Falls found a woman, only identified as Heather, on an escort website and showed up to her house. When she opened the door, he put a gun to her stomach and asked her, “life or die?”

Falls then began to choke her, but what he didn’t expect was her to fight back! Heather recounts the attack:

“When he strangled me, I grabbed my rake, and when he laid the gun down to get the rake out of my hands, I shot him. I grabbed the gun and shot behind me.”

After she shot behind her, she ran out of the house and shouted for help. It was then that a neighbor called the police. However, upon arrival, not only did they find Neal dead inside, but they discovered some disturbing evidence in his car!

He had multiple items in the trunk of his car which included a machete, two axes, handcuffs, a bullet-proof vest, a shovel, and a bottle of bleach!

The Chief of Detectives at the Charleston Police Department, Steve Cooper said:

“It’s likely that Mr Falls is a serial killer. I believe she saved lives by shooting Mr Falls, based on what he did to her and based on the items found in his car.”

As a result of the recent findings, the FBI is looking into Falls’ past for any clues as to whether or not he may have harmed other women. Police departments across the United States are also looking at this case to see if any evidence matches up with cases they have that have gone cold.

One of these is based in the town of Chillicothe, Ohio, about 100 miles west of Charleston, where at least six women have disappeared in the last few months.

We don’t know whether or not he’ll ever be connected to previous cases but we’re glad that Heather was able to act quickly and prevent him from a heinous act he was sure to commit!

[Image via CBS.]

Jul 28, 2015 11:19am PST

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