Animal Cruelty Karma: 5 Times Justice Was Served In The End!

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What goes around, comes around!

We can’t believe that we live in a world where humans feel the need to viciously murder other living creatures, and Cecil the Lion is just the latest case of animal cruelty in the news.

Walter Palmer, the American dentist who killed Cecil, may still be in hiding, but we’re hoping that he will have to eventually face poaching charges in Zimbabwe once he resurfaces.

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However, even though Walter has yet to face any immediate legal ramifications for his crime, you can take solace knowing that his vicious slaying has caused his Minnesotan dental practice to close.

But if you’re like us and enjoy seeing people who harm animals get what’s coming to them, then you’re in luck, because we’ve put together a list of five high profile animal rights cases where justice was served!

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In perhaps the most infamous case of animal cruelty, Michael Vick was arrested for felony dog-fighting back in 2007.

The then-pro NFLer was found to have injured more than 70 dogs while killing an additional seven, and had to spend 23 months in jail.

There’s not enough karma in the world for what he deserves.

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But Michael Vick isn’t the only celebrity who’s been arrested for hurting animals!

Rapper DMX may have a very extensive history of breaking the law, but one of his worst offenses was back in 2008 when police discovered a dozen sick dogs on his property, and serves him seven misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty.

We think the fact that DMX was just sentenced to six months in jail for failing to pay child support seems pretty fair to us!

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Now for a terribly sad story involving less famous people, the case of Sammy The Cocker Spaniel is a surprisingly complicated one.

Back in 2013, a man named Keith Morgan from New Jersey was declared a hero when he rescued Sammy from the side of the road after noticing the dog trapped in a plastic bag and unable to walk.

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However, after a brief investigation, cops discovered that Keith and his wife Shauna had actually owned Sammy for nine years and were completely at fault for his matted fur and malnourishment.

Their punishment? Six months in jail, a hefty $13,500 fine, and the inability to ever own a pet ever again!

This one might just be the worst one yet.

In 2013, 17-year-old Walter Easley was captured on video kicking a kitten across his yard.

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While the kitten was uninjured, all of the pets in the house were removed after internet sleuths were able to identify the teen.

Walter was only a minor when the incident took place, but he did plead guilty to the crime in court, so you just know he got his just desserts!

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Last but certainly not least are the mother and son pair who decided to show off their newborn puppy by taking a picture of it in a ziploc bag…

The 44-year-old and 21-year-old from New Mexico were arrested back in 2013 after they sealed their eight-week-old puppy Baby in plastic just to show how small it really was.

Mary Snell and Britton Engel were charged with animal cruelty, and luckily never got to see Baby again.

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Now, here’s hoping Cecil gets the same justice that all of these other animals received!

Rest in peace, Cecil.

[Image via Ricky Gervais/Twitter and Bernanillo County Sheriff’s Department and News 12 New Jersey and WENN.]

Jul 29, 2015 8:04pm PDT

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