Cara Delevingne Responds To That Awkward Morning Show Interview In The Perfect Way — See What She Said!

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By now you’ve surely seen the awkward interview Cara Delevingne did yesterday with an early morning talk show in Sacramento.

Some people thought the Paper Towns actress was being a bit rude — never mind the fact that the interviewers seemed to be antagonistic and patronizing to Delevingne!

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As for us, we definitely understood where the model turned actress was coming from and quite enjoyed her sense of humor and wit!

Nonetheless, she’s received attention and some criticism over the past day for what some people incorrectly viewed as rude behavior.

Well now Delevingne has responded to the awful interview and all the critics by taking to Twitter and saying:

We couldn’t agree more and unfortunately some people never will understand!

But that’s their loss Cara! We absolutely loved it and think you’re FAB — keep doing you girl!

Jul 29, 2015 1:13pm PDT

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