Despite Bobbi Kristina’s Autopsy Results — District Attorney Reportedly Still Seeks To Go After Nick Gordon For Manslaughter

nick gordon faces da charges

Oh no!

Despite Bobbi Kristina‘s recent autopsy results, things are still looking bad for the late star’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon. As the R&B scion’s love faces a lawsuit from her estate, it appears that the District Attorney’s office is also looking to press charges for involuntary manslaughter.


Sources relayed that Nick may be charged for his part in acquiring drugs for the starlet on the day she was found unresponsive and facedown in the bathtub.

As we previously reported, the results of BK’s autopsy won’t help the D.A.’s case as they will only prove if drugs and alcohol were in the 22-year-olds’ system — not who purchased the drugs for her.

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Reportedly, law enforcement officials are now seeking the assistance of Max Lomas who was also in Bobby Brown‘s daughter’s home the day of her incident. Unfortunately, Max is currently being prosecuted for 2 other drug related felonies — outside of his involvement with Bobbi Kristina. Whomp, whomp.

Apparently, officials are considering offering Max a deal in order to get insight into what exactly happened back in January. Specifically, if Nick Gordon’s friend cooperates he may receive probation on the drug charges and immunity in the Bobbi Kristina case. Whoa!

Max’s current case has dragged on for about 6 months so far, so we can only imagine he’d be innerested in the deal.

Supposedly, prosecutors are angling that Nick knew of Whitney Houston‘s daughter’s past struggles with drug abuse, as well as her history of losing consciousness, and still acquired the drugs for her which left her in harms way. So sad.

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Jul 29, 2015 7:21am PDT

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